Sunday, September 21, 2014

Autumn Season Brings New Delights of Jewellery 4 YOU

Hello well, Autumn (Fall) is just around the corner:

I have been busy in my shop working on a few new jewellery projects.   If you have visited my shop on Etsy recently, we have changed our name slightly.

Nothing has changed, the studio is the same we have a new shop assistant named Cali
Mum, do I eat this ' Cat Salad'
she is an intern and loves to write and keep us all busy - with her distracting but lovable energies...pawing into EVERYTHING  ^..^
so indigenous to 'kittens' and their playfulness.  
She soon figures out her strategy as she grew into 5 months of age.

Anyway, here is what we have been working on Cat or Dog Memory Glass Lockets.  Tuck a charm, photo or cat/dog cut-out paw charm along with you.   A reminder of that special bond between you are your beloved companion. Cali was my inspiration for this jewellery item
Cat or Dog Memory Lockets

Other items of interest are lovely Provence Lavender Swarovski crystal earrings and Shamballa earrings

Provence Lavender Earrings
Shamballa Diamond Crystal Swarovski Earrings

 These are just a few of new items to show my discerning customers.

Yes, we have items for the gentlemen too
and teenagers and little ones in your life.

Gentlemens Fob Watch

Pendant Running Shoe - Assorted Colours

Running Converse Style Key Fob

Contemplating new items 4YOU

"Jewellery Inspired 4 YOU" . Thank you for shopping.  Remember our special promotion
coupon now in effect back2school10off  - minimum $25.00.
Towgood Park - Vanessa Photo
Have wonderful Autumn days.......until we meet again.....

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Artisans: Taking the Care of the Soul in Niagara-on-the Lake

"Well being come from inside reflecting outwards"
Hello Everyone!

Well we are enjoying the cooler days in August now.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Niagara-on-the Lake for a quick over night stay.

As artisans we are always creating and working to make that project into reality, for our for our clients, friends or family alike.

We often need to have a 'break' for our souls to remain in harmony with ourselves; to bring rekindle that reviving energy.  From time to time we need to 'honour' that by being good to ourselves.  A very wise nun said to me once "In order to be a good servant we must be a good servant to ourselves". That ultimately means taking care of body, mind and spirit, listening innately to that voice within often referred to the intuition.    Artisan's come from a broad spectrum of genres, whether we define ourselves as: jewellers, photography, writers, poets or somewhere in between. We often call this intuition, and women need to pay particular attention to this, I'm speaking from first hand experience..

We (my friends and I) I decided to escape for a couple of days to the picturesque area known as Niagara-on-the Lake. We stayed at a delightful B&B "La Toscana di Carlotta" a known as the."Burns House one of the oldest homes in Niagara-on-the-Lake, whose deed dates back to 1793".
Here you experience all the elements: hospitality, charming ambient surroundings, culinary delights, that is so wonderful for the soul. To take this one step further, do drop into the main town and visit the best Italian Gelato here: .  I choose the dark chocolate orange, an array of fabulous characteristic of a fine wine, dancing on the palate, with the squeal of delight you often visited as a delight as a child ("Unbearable Sweetness").   We also visited a couple of wineries, that rounded our our stay with high notes of pleasure. .

Wherever you live or what gives you pleasure, short or longer stay be good to "YOUR SOUL" she will thank you.  Remember the values: of the family, friends and our beloved pets, that often enrich us, This often gives us so much creativity and inspiration for the work we love to do so much, and share!!!!

Next time more news from InspiredDesigns4YOU.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

InspiredDesigns4YOU - Summer - A Splash of Colour has Arrived 4 YOU

Newsletter:    Welcome to InspiredDesigns4YOU!

 Summer Solstice - Explodes with a "Splash of Colour" vibrant summer colours!!!
We have been shopping for you!

Summer is great to bring out the 'light and brights' to your wardrobe.

Introducing our suede cords, in delicious colour:  Citrus blends of orange and yellow;
Citrus Orange and Lemon Yellow

Sage and Apple Green
Spring greens featuring luscious lime-apple  and sage greens;

Perhaps you fancy some water cooling blues -- we have that too!
Its time to play in the sand!

The passion for blue is here!

We also have a little contrast colours for your wardrobe......add a splash of
red, silver grey or chocolate brown. 

Red, Silver Grey and Chocolate Brown: 

The question becomes what colour? One cord or a combination!

Shopping bags ready and waiting!

We have lots of gemstone pendants, Swarovski crystals, crosses charms and many more.  A few of my selections for your shopping pleasure.

Adventurine Gemstone Heart

Tiger Wood Pendant with Gemstone Rose Heart
Mother or Pearl Paua Shell Cross
One of a Kind Time Piece - Cool Gift

Swarovski Crystal Hearts

Please visit my shop for all your affordable jewellery needs.   Have a wonderful start to the summer and remember we have free shipping for a limited time.   Don't miss out...

 Thank you for shopping!!!

Always a pleasure to serve you at InspiredDesigns4YOU (click here to my shop)
where we shine in customer service and affordable jewellery items.

Vanessa Rottner: Owner and Manager

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring: Wooden Warmth YOUR Way

Welcomed to "InspiredDesigns4YOU"!

Spring is a great way for 'new beginnings', new
projects and to finally put our winter wardrobe away!

The delight and anticipation of the Spring and seeing
the new growth in the tree buds, showing off their lovely
green coats.

There is something wonderful about 'earth tones' which reminds
me Mother Nature, earth and how nature provide a fertile place
flowers and seedlings of all kinds.

Bayong Beaded Necklace
Here at "InspiredDesigns4YOU" InspiredDesigns4YOU - Jewellery  we are always looking for one-of-a kind elements in creating unique designs for your jewellery collection:

Sun God Pendant
Sun God Pendant with Organza Ribbon
Wood is so versatile and comes in a variety of textures
 from light to dark brown displaying lovely characteristics.

The Philippines host a beautiful display of Bayong beads  which was worn by the tribal women.  Known for it's
hardiness and long wearing properties a favorite of
jewellery designers (including myself)!!

Walnut Wood - Cut-out Design

Walnut wood with cut-out design
add an artistic fair to the earrings.

Cut-Out Tribal Pendant

Whether you choose natural, light or dark brown it always
pairs nicely with your wardrobe bringing
out the 'earthy characteristics' in YOU.
Bayong Spiral Gold Earrings

We love to travel to bring you
something special for your loved ones and welcome custom designs
(Please ask, nothing is too much trouble)

We are happy to provide you with hypo-allergenic and nickel free items for your wearing pleasure

Remember: Mother's Day is May 11 and we

have 'FREE SHIPPING' until the end of May.

Do drop in and as always it's a pleasure to serve you!

Find us here InspiredDesigns4YOU:

Bayong Bead Bracelet
Smiling Sun God Earrings

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Until next time..........! 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring over to InspiredDesigns4YOU - Free Shipping!

Free Shipping now ON!

(•.¸♥´)Spring Shop Announcement(•.¸♥´)

(•.¸♥´)FREE SHIPPING - UNTIL  May 30 2014 (•.¸♥´)
 Welcome to InspiredDesigns4YOU
we offer you affordable tasteful and stylish one-of-kind jewellery and accessories.

 What are you the customer looking for?

Something for yourself, a loved one, niece of friend?

We have: Swarovski crystals, gemstones, Bayong Philippines, Jerusalem beads. Perhaps influences of a bygone era (Downton Abbey - Edwardian/Victorian). Sterling Silver or something "Boho" or Neon beads in fun colours or you have something else in mind?   There is so much to see!   I call this a 'Eye candy for women''.

New Design 4 SPRING
 Well we can do custom ordering too.

 [As a child I spent hours playing dress up with my Mother's pearls - she always wondered why I was to quiet. Who knew I would have a shop on Etsy with jewellery]!

(•.¸♥´)FREE SHIPPING - UNTIL  May 30 2014(•.¸♥´) <<<<<

Wardrobe consultations free: no extra charge.

Moroccan Style: Neon Green and Sterling Silver
I know how important this is for YOU the customer. YOU want quality, affordability, nickle free, hypo-allergenic, service and selection!  YOU have all here.  I know I can speak for myself and others here in Southern Ontario and the Eastern seaboard.  We can't wait for SPRING!

Here are a few selections you might enjoy

Elegance becomes YOU: 'Downton Abbey' Style
Orange Neon  Spiral Earrings
Bohemian Tassel Earrings

Hello Kitty Charm
Betty Boop

We are busy stocking the shelves for you!,

What are you going to put in your JAR????
[Courtesy Ikea] .......InspiredDesigns4You goes in here!

Come along and enjoy your..(•.¸♥´)'FREE SHIPPING'(•.¸♥´)
as a 'thank you' ^..^!

 Mothers day is only 49 DAYS AWAY -is on Sunday, 11 May 2014

 (•.¸♥´)Coupon Code:  MOTHER2014UK

 Cordially, &Vanessa(•.¸♥´)

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Friday, January 24, 2014

InspiredDesigns4YOU - Jewellery - "Valentines Day"

Hello Welcome to InspiredDesigns4YOU

"Valentines Day" is just around the corner and we have been working hard to bring you new  "Inspired Designs" from  around the continent.   I love shopping and I know you do too!!

Looking for something special for that loved one? Many choices and colours:   Swarovski crystals, Gemstones, Perfect Pink Pearls, Bracelets, Pendants, Neon Jewellery, or Charms for the little ones in your life and "Friendship Key Rings".  

We now have "Boho" Bohemian tassels in necklaces, earrings in vibrant colours --- and more to come!!!

Let me be your "Personal Shopper"

1) Swarovski Crystals

Floating Heart
This is one of a kind
Swarovski: Stud Earrings
Swarovski beautiful 'heart' in
tranquil blue.

We have a variety of hearts in emerald, pink, violet, marine blue.

Floating Heart

Swarovski Star

 Bayong Beads:
Bayong Beads

Bayong Beads have unique
characteristics of warm hues
and tones of rich red brown, with
unique to the Philippines. Bayong Bead Necklace Set

 Neon Beads come in a variety of colours: Passionate Pink, Electric Green, Outrageous Orange, Sky Blue.

Bohemian Tassel Collection:

New varieties to be listed soon!!!    As usual, if there is something would like and don't see, please ask us!!!
Bohemian Tassel Collection
Neon Beads

"Hello Kitty" Enamel Earrings!

We feature a variety of enamel charms, to bring a delight to all those who are young of heart.
Hello Kitty Red Heart Earrings

Betty Boop Red Dress - Ready to Party
Hello Kitty Collection - A Touch of RED

All items are guaranteed nickel free, and hypo-allergenic for your wearing pleasure.  Excelling in quality and assurance, trust and customer service.

Bring something home for your "Valentine or Loved One"!!!

We love to have you!  Thank you for shopping!

Let US Wrap UP Something 4 YOU

for all your "VALENTINES' NEEDS!

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(click on the above link)

Vanessa - •*´(¸.•*´♥´*•.¸)´*•"Happy Valentines Day 
from all the staff at InspiredDesigns4YOU"!!

^..^As a thank you, to my returning customers and followers on Facebook.On your next order I will SHIP FREE TO YOU.  Simply use, SHIPMEFREE2014 in the check out window.•*´(¸.•*´♥´*•.¸)´*•