Friday, January 24, 2014

InspiredDesigns4YOU - Jewellery - "Valentines Day"

Hello Welcome to InspiredDesigns4YOU

"Valentines Day" is just around the corner and we have been working hard to bring you new  "Inspired Designs" from  around the continent.   I love shopping and I know you do too!!

Looking for something special for that loved one? Many choices and colours:   Swarovski crystals, Gemstones, Perfect Pink Pearls, Bracelets, Pendants, Neon Jewellery, or Charms for the little ones in your life and "Friendship Key Rings".  

We now have "Boho" Bohemian tassels in necklaces, earrings in vibrant colours --- and more to come!!!

Let me be your "Personal Shopper"

1) Swarovski Crystals

Floating Heart
This is one of a kind
Swarovski: Stud Earrings
Swarovski beautiful 'heart' in
tranquil blue.

We have a variety of hearts in emerald, pink, violet, marine blue.

Floating Heart

Swarovski Star

 Bayong Beads:
Bayong Beads

Bayong Beads have unique
characteristics of warm hues
and tones of rich red brown, with
unique to the Philippines. Bayong Bead Necklace Set

 Neon Beads come in a variety of colours: Passionate Pink, Electric Green, Outrageous Orange, Sky Blue.

Bohemian Tassel Collection:

New varieties to be listed soon!!!    As usual, if there is something would like and don't see, please ask us!!!
Bohemian Tassel Collection
Neon Beads

"Hello Kitty" Enamel Earrings!

We feature a variety of enamel charms, to bring a delight to all those who are young of heart.
Hello Kitty Red Heart Earrings

Betty Boop Red Dress - Ready to Party
Hello Kitty Collection - A Touch of RED

All items are guaranteed nickel free, and hypo-allergenic for your wearing pleasure.  Excelling in quality and assurance, trust and customer service.

Bring something home for your "Valentine or Loved One"!!!

We love to have you!  Thank you for shopping!

Let US Wrap UP Something 4 YOU

for all your "VALENTINES' NEEDS!

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Vanessa - •*´(¸.•*´♥´*•.¸)´*•"Happy Valentines Day 
from all the staff at InspiredDesigns4YOU"!!

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