Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring: Wooden Warmth YOUR Way

Welcomed to "InspiredDesigns4YOU"!

Spring is a great way for 'new beginnings', new
projects and to finally put our winter wardrobe away!

The delight and anticipation of the Spring and seeing
the new growth in the tree buds, showing off their lovely
green coats.

There is something wonderful about 'earth tones' which reminds
me Mother Nature, earth and how nature provide a fertile place
flowers and seedlings of all kinds.

Bayong Beaded Necklace
Here at "InspiredDesigns4YOU" InspiredDesigns4YOU - Jewellery  we are always looking for one-of-a kind elements in creating unique designs for your jewellery collection:

Sun God Pendant
Sun God Pendant with Organza Ribbon
Wood is so versatile and comes in a variety of textures
 from light to dark brown displaying lovely characteristics.

The Philippines host a beautiful display of Bayong beads  which was worn by the tribal women.  Known for it's
hardiness and long wearing properties a favorite of
jewellery designers (including myself)!!

Walnut Wood - Cut-out Design

Walnut wood with cut-out design
add an artistic fair to the earrings.

Cut-Out Tribal Pendant

Whether you choose natural, light or dark brown it always
pairs nicely with your wardrobe bringing
out the 'earthy characteristics' in YOU.
Bayong Spiral Gold Earrings

We love to travel to bring you
something special for your loved ones and welcome custom designs
(Please ask, nothing is too much trouble)

We are happy to provide you with hypo-allergenic and nickel free items for your wearing pleasure

Remember: Mother's Day is May 11 and we

have 'FREE SHIPPING' until the end of May.

Do drop in and as always it's a pleasure to serve you!

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Bayong Bead Bracelet
Smiling Sun God Earrings

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