Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fresh Water Pearls: Champagne on Ice, Iced Mocha, Cappuccino Moca and More


Hi Everyone:  Welcome to INSPIRED DESIGNED 4 YOU!!

Chief of Production

I wonder what I should choose?
I am minding the shop while the owner is busy with orders!! Introducing a NEW LINE purfect for the gift giving! YOU.

Champagne on Ice

"Tis the Season for wonderful Christmas parties and Hanukkah celebrations"!

An elegant evening out, office party or social occasion is extra special when you have the perfect shoes and earring to adorn that outfit.

The inspiration for this new line came when I was watching a vintage movie with Grace Kelly.  I got lost in the moment dreaming about all those lovely ball gowns and elegance!!
Iced Mocha

What is your pleasure:??

"Champagne on Ice"

"Iced Mocha"

"Cappuccino Mocha"

or "Frozen Grape"

These fresh water pearls nestled with silver beaded leaves might take you on a journey of imagination!

"Ballroom, 1940's, 1920's or Ice Skating" ...........

Cappuccino Mocha

These are all available in my shop at the following link:

(•.¸♥´Christmas Savings:  Special thank-you. Free domestic shipping to all Canadian SHIPFREEFORCHRISTMAS.   US and International orders receive 10%  Simply use the CHRISTMASSAVINGS2012 Coupon at the check out window. The is for a limited time period and will expire on January 6, 2013(•.¸♥´.

Shop Here: InspiredDesigns4YOU

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas - Free Shipping: InspiredDesigns4YOU


Free Shipping and Savings!!!


(•.¸♥´)*Welcome Customers and friends...'
Reflecting the inner beauty in YOU'. One-of-kind,  hypo-allergenic nickel free sterling silver and gemstone JEWELLERY. (•.¸♥´).

(•.¸♥´Christmas Savings: Special thank-you.
Free domestic shipping to all Canadian Customers use coupon code: .ShipFreeForChristmas. US and International orders receive 10% Simply use the coupon code:      ChristmasDiscount Coupon at the check out windows.

 The is for a limited time period and will expire on January 6, 2013(•.¸♥´.

For your shopping pleasure do visit my shop, bring your hot chocolate, browse and have fun!
Just what the girl needs after shopping

Samples of my work and merchandise:   Please point your mouse under the highlighted image and click, this will take you to my shop directly.



 Thank you for shopping!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Inspired Designs 4 YOU - Christmas Savings Announcement

Dear Customers and Patrons!

We are very pleased to announce Christmas savings is just around the corner!!!!.   As a special thank you, we are offering 'free shipping' on all domestic orders in Canada.  For our US and International customers we are giving a for a limited time (January 2013) 10% off. discount.

Did someone say :Shopping!!!!!!

Well, every Diva loves to shop and visit our Facebook page.

Happy Shopping, Darlings!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Amethyst, Ornate Irridescent Pendant

Vanessa - artisan at InspiredDesigns4YOU.
Hi Everyone, welcome to my Jewellery Shop!

The dog days of summer are upon us here in Toronto!

Golden sunshine brings warmth to the evening horizons, like a smiling child.

I have been shopping for you and pleased to announce my latest items in my shop.  This is a genuine amethyst pendant surrounded with 925 silver. Suspended on a lovely bail.

It has all the characteristics of another era: Edwardian, Art Deco or Roaring Twenties!

"Amethyst Vintage Purple passion pendant. Vibrant iridescent shades of purple, light mauve and soft blue depending on how the light captures this lovely gemstone. Fine detailing wraps the gemstone in lovely ornate detailing, suspended silver bail with a sterling silver 16 inch chain, with an 1 inch extender.

Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz often used in jewelry. The name comes from the Ancient Greek  ("not") and μέθυστος methustos ("intoxicated"), a reference to the belief that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness. The ancient Greeks and Romans wore amethyst and made drinking vessels of it in the belief that it would prevent intoxication. It is one of several forms of quartz. Amethyst is the traditional birthstone for February"
InspiredDesigns4YOU - Amethyst Pendant.

Do drop in soon and visit my shop - we love to have you.

Stop, browse - bring a coffee :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Featured at Creative Bag: InspiredDesigns4YOU

It really is quite humbling when a great supplier features you in their blog.

Growing a home grown business requires you to juggle many hands or be the one woman show!  Managing on line shops, photography, writing you sales pitches, budgeting and so forth.

Having everything at your fingertips makes it easy!
                                                                  It really is awesome fun.

I would like to personally thank 'Creative Bag' for showcasing and featuring my shop in their blog.

Creative Bag: Brocade Boxes

Creative bag has everything you need from packaging to those special 'thank you' stickers. They have thought of everything!

As a small business person I value their integrity and continued support.  I would like to endorse them, their website. Very easy to use, customer service par-excellence and variety of products are amazing.

Whether at working in my home or beach studio with nature.....I know I can rely on Creative bag for all my discerning  taste and customer needs.

As a happy customer, I am happy to recommend their services!

Creative Bag: Thank you stickers

 it is great to know you have awesome suppliers

Thank you, Creative Bag!

Vanessa Rotttner

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rhea Hawke' Dream Dangle Sterling Silver Earrings

Dear Friends:
I am happy to have just listed these glam earrings. Another addition to the Rhea Hawke line. Inspired by Nina Munteanu's book 'Outer Diverse'. Rhea is a female galactic guardian and protector.
This is available in my Etsy shop.  You may choose clip-on or the French hook style.  3 1/2 inches in length. Sterling silver - hypo-allergenic nickle free for your wearing pleasure.

'Reflecting the inner beauty in YOU'.

Artist: Vanessa Rottner wearing Rhea's Dream Earrings
Rhea Hawke Earrings- Eye of Horus

Rhea Hawke - Earrings available at Inspired Designs4YOU
 Featuring Rhea Hawke's choice of jewellery.  The feather dangle earrings are called her 'Dream'.  Light weight feather strands give these a native, ethnic, feel.

Other items in this collection are featured in my Etsy shop.

Custom ordering, including weddings and brides maids gifts. 

I travel to conventions selling my jewellery delighting in making new friends and customers.

Free quotes and advise, we love to chat with you.

Enjoy the summer and fun!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reflective Crystals a Prism of Delight

June 6, 2012

Hi Everyone!

Summer is not too far away -- although nature is a little wet out there tonight. As you might be drinking a nice warm drink or perhaps a cold one.  I thought I'd let you know about a new selection of Semi-precious stones: Swarovski necklace/pendant in my shop.   This was for a custom/reserve design.    I also made a matching key ring as you see on the (right). The pendant is on the (left).

Warm crystal as a glow to the heart
Passionate, fire red like the glow of a warm fire,

 flickering of crystal prism capturing your heart!

I love designing from nature that surrounds me. I enjoy designing items for special occasions like 'graduation' this one is featuring:  a marine blue heart 28mm, with 2 sky blue 14mm heart earrings suspended on french sterling silver ear wires.    The necklace is held on a sterling silver 16 mm chain with a 2 inch extender chain.

Cool Marine Heart matched with Sky Blue Earrings

"Reflective Crystals a Prism of Delight" are available in my shop sections.

Other Swarovski crystal are available in my shop

I also have a variety and selections of rings!

All items are nickel free and hypo-allergenic.

Topaz Ring  Size 7.5

Aquamarine melting into the Sea

Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Item: Clip-on Earrings - Southwest Style

Hi everyone!

Vanessa here from InspiredDesigns4YOU.

A family member asked me to make her clip-on earrings as she didn't have pierced ears!

That is a problem, not many designs on the market for clip-on or non-pierced ears. The market didn't address this very well. So I decided to change that.

She is a classic lady, with discerning taste and style: her wish list was southwest, with Mexican or native influences, carefree and fun, hypo-allergenic and nickel free.

Fun and playful -- perhaps dreaming of a walk along a sandy beach, with foaming spray tickling her cheek like laughing children.  All kinds of images came into I looked around nature and my environment.
Classic Female Statue - Guild Inn
So I started to work away and the design,

Clip-on Southwest Style
I was pleased with the results.. the coolness of the silver and turquoise complemented each other nicely.

Do drop into my shop at Etsy for all your jewellery needs...I do custom work too.

Etsy Shop Inspired Designs 4 YOU

InspiredDesigns4YOU in motion  

Classic Goddness - New Item in Shop

Good morning! Calling all Classical Diva and Trendy ones too!

Inspiration for this jewellery came from a mystical and magical neoclassical garden in Toronto.  A place with beautiful statues and
open air amphitheater (Greek ἀμφιθέατρον).

Classic Goddess Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain. Ornate face of Goddess pendant with flowing hair, lovely detailing suspended on a sterling silver 16' chain. Be the goddess you've always wanted to be!!! One-of-a-kind unique and trendy. Hypo-allergenic and ready to ship.
The pendant measures 2 inches in length x 1 inch across.

My inspiration came from visiting a the Guild Inn in Toronto, a classical garden with lovely surroundings - that made you feel you were in another time and place for a moment in history!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Symphony of Pearls - New Product Line

Hello everyone!

Introducing my new line "Symphony of Pearls" just in time for those summer soirees, afternoon tea or elegant evenings.

High fashion, classical style brings a touch of elegance and glam.
Pearls and fine china make a perfect combo

Casual enough to transition from daytime to evening.

Elegance becomes YOU

Imagine being the bell of the ball, or

strolling along the beach in these lovelies!
Memories are made here!

Or simply a go casual, a day out shopping with your girl friends!

Launch: Symphony of Pearls
I am happy to bring you affordable, one-of-a kind jewellery designs.  Where old fashioned service quality of assurance, and customers come first.

 "Bringing out the beauty in you"

Do drop in, have a browse bring a friend! First time customers received a either a 10% discount or free shipping!  More details here. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nina Muneanu - the Best in Writing

Nina Munteanu is a wonderful teacher and coach.
If you have ever had the slightest inclination to write,
she can help you.  Read on.......................

Nina Munteanu Book Launch 2011

Getting started into the Muse
A well respected, accomplished scientist, lecturer, mentor  and publisher of many books.

Ms. Munteanu is the very best the  world of writing has to offer.

Do you need simply getting started, or help with editing, coaching, publishing, she can help you with everything. 

Paper, pens and pencils are the practical tools we need.
I had always loved to write, a passion felt from the soul.  I required motivation, the next steps to get there. To make sense of "All the voices in my head" what to do about it?.  Putting pen to paper was the test.  I was like a person with one or but needed two.   I started making a list of resources I needed for my journey. coaching development of skills and how to fine tune them and as with anything new - confidence. From passive to action.

Two Oars are needed for proper navigation

Most writers have trouble with 'writers block' in their journey. She got me out of a rut into the muse.
Everyone needs a good Coach for the Journey

Write and Publish: How to Beat Writer's Block.
Her book: Fiction Writer: Get Published Now is awesome, packed with  concrete advice
from: Getting started, editing, staying in the muse, publishing. She brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience.  She can literally step inside your shoes and help!

I am happy to offer my testimonial. She will inspire you as she did me!

Testimonial: "Nina was instrumental in enabling me to launch my own writing career through her Master Classes in Writing, Coaching and valuable resources. .  I was trying to steer with one oar  she gave me two, now my pathway is certain and true".   I am proud to say, I am writing the first chapters of my book...soon to be published!!!  Thank you,  Vanessa