Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Newsletter 1: Come and see my new location and home at Zibbet - Aug 2017

Welcome!  How nice to see you!
Let me welcome you to my new home on Zibbet.

Do come in and visit, browse bring your coffee or tea.

We have a variety of jewellery items for every discerning customer:  Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, suede corded necklaces, earrings, Christian jewellery and much more!

Yes gentlemen there are items for you too: Fob watches, arrow head pendants and more.

Butterfly Fob Watch - Unisex

Our stock is always changing so come back and visit often!
We pride ourselves on offering only handmade items.

All jewellery items are hypo-allergenic nickle free, items are carefully packaged and we follow-up from beginning to end.  We offer all types of shipping and express post depend on where you live.  Please inquire within.

Olive wood bracelets - custom designed
Olive wood bracelets, beads come from the Holy Land, which are sorted and picked by me in the design process.  https://jewelleryinspired4u.zibbet.com/olive-wood-cross-bracelet

We only use sterling silver and quality components, quality, workmanship and integrity go into all my designs.   It is as if I am making each piece for you or your family, and it should be so!  I bring to you a commitment to 'old fashioned' customer care for that is very important in our relationship together!!

Southwest Accented Bracelet 
What is unique about these stone is that the pattern and marble effect is all different, which means no two pieces are the same.

The cool accents of the silver complement the jasper stones!

We love to feature new items such as these cute 'Owl Earrings'. Made of alder wood and secured with hypo-allergenic studs.
These bring a air of whimsy fun!

Find them here: https://www.zibbet.com/jewelleryinspired4u/wooden-owl-small-statement-earrings-sterling-silver-butterfly-stud-posts-natural-alder-wood-earrings-bird-earrings-owl-face-earrings

We have something for everyone no matter what occasion!

Vanessa's Comfy Cats available at Zibbet
My handmade knitted 'comfy cats' have travelled around the world to exotic places as India, into the interior of Europe in the Ukraine, made friends in the continental U.S.A. and Canada.

Owner with new cuddly cat toy..perfect for bedtime reading
They made wonderful cuddly items for children and perfect bedtime story telling.  They have even been used in Therapeutic Healing at hospices.  All of us love soft things to curl up with.  Hand knitted using only the finest yarn, and carefully stuffed with washable polyester (the same as you would use for Teddy Bears)!


The only question is "why one is for you"??

Cali loves her own cat companion 
 These are perfect for cats and dogs (I can even fill them with catnip for perfect playtime or sleeping).

If you have energetic dogs you may have to watch that they don't get to feisty with 'rough housing'! (LOL).
Meet the family in all sizes

Come and find our favorite colour and size (custom orders welcome). Hand embroidered faces brings smiles!

Yes, I do custom colours too!

We ship around the world bringing you something very special to your doorstep.

Cali is eager to meet you at Zibbet

Thank you for shopping, we love to have you!