Friday, November 27, 2015

Announcement: NEW STORE - Zibbet - CHRISTMAS SAVINGS - November 27, 2015


Affordable Elegance, Hypo-allergenic jewellery!

Welcome!  We are pleased to announce at JewelleryInspired4U
our new internet shop at Zibbet!

We have changed our name to: JEWELLERYINSPIRED4U

To celebrate this event is our CHRISTMAS SAVINGS!

Vanessa - Owner/Manager
We have been working hard to bring you exceptional savings, variety of inventory in our Jewellery collection.  We have lovely items for the men in your family, in masculine pendants featuring "Arrowhead Agate" featuring our soft and strong suede cord. 

 Each cord is selected from our delicious colours:  red, brown, black, yellow, apple green, sky blue all inspired by nature!

 For the ladies young teens we have a lovely selection of Swarovski crystals in pear shape and new in our store are the 'Wave Collection' beautifully wire wrapped.  
Christmas Earrings - Warm cranberry with 925 Sterling Spirals
Blue Face Watch with Soft Suede Cord
Christmas Earrings - Cranberry 925 Sterling Earrings

Our new "Cosmic Triangle Pendant"
Is a a twist on the triangle pendants
carefully wire wrapped by hand in matching
rose wire.  A lovely display of colour featuring
mauve, green, purple that captures the light
beautifully!  You can choose a 16 inch cord
or soft suede that cuddles into  your neck!

Wave Earrings - Wire Wrapped

Cali our Buyer is Purring with Excitement!
I wonder what you will choose for those on your Christmas Shopping List?  She would be glad to help you with your she can double as your PURSONAL SHOPPER!

Cali - Pursonal shopper - is here to help!

Find out more here: 

Shopping is easy as 1, 2, 3.  We are here to make this pur-fect and stress free.   Bring your coffee/tea  relax.....

Soon your list will be completed at JewelleryInspired4U!

Let me fill your Christmas .....wishes here open 24/7

Monday, November 16, 2015

Shop Announcement: Jewelllery Inspired 4 U - You Are Invited to Zibbet

Vanessa - JewelleryInspirede4U

Shop Announcement:

I have been working hard with my associate Cali
and we are very proud to announce we have
just opened our very own Zibbet store:

This has it's very own integrated website for all your shopping pleasure,
just in time for Christmas shopping:

Do drop in and bring your coffee, as a thank you to our faithful customers and new ones we are offering
a promotional coupon: OPENINGPROMO10 at the check out

Nature continues to inspire our designs and we love to
bring you unique elegant items for you the discerning customer!

P.R. Jenni loves roaming the globe for you

Whether you are looking for pearls, Swarovski crystals,
gemstone, (Agates, Arrowhead, Jasper),
925 sterling silver items our inventory changes
to bring you unique gifts for your family and loved
ones alike.

Here are a few of our best selling items!

We are looking forward to providing customer service in excellence, meeting all your expectations, quality, trust hypoallergenic and nickle free jewellery.  Pendants, bracelets,
Suede cord are some the items we have along with jewellery supplies. Our inventory is always changing so come back often for the best selection!!!  All our items are hypoallergenic and nickle free for  your comfort and wearing pleasure.

Cali: Shop Assistant and Intern

Pet Lovers Items too!
Olive Wood Beaded Cross Bracelet
Red Agate Conical Earrings

What's on YOUR LIST????
Come Celebrate with US
We are very happy to assist you at any time with your shopping,
simply contact me in my store. A warm smile is always yours along with our exceptional
service and care.   Cordially -
Vanessa - Shop Owner