Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring over to InspiredDesigns4YOU - Free Shipping!

Free Shipping now ON!

(•.¸♥´)Spring Shop Announcement(•.¸♥´)

(•.¸♥´)FREE SHIPPING - UNTIL  May 30 2014 (•.¸♥´)
 Welcome to InspiredDesigns4YOU
we offer you affordable tasteful and stylish one-of-kind jewellery and accessories.

 What are you the customer looking for?

Something for yourself, a loved one, niece of friend?

We have: Swarovski crystals, gemstones, Bayong Philippines, Jerusalem beads. Perhaps influences of a bygone era (Downton Abbey - Edwardian/Victorian). Sterling Silver or something "Boho" or Neon beads in fun colours or you have something else in mind?   There is so much to see!   I call this a 'Eye candy for women''.

New Design 4 SPRING
 Well we can do custom ordering too.

 [As a child I spent hours playing dress up with my Mother's pearls - she always wondered why I was to quiet. Who knew I would have a shop on Etsy with jewellery]!

(•.¸♥´)FREE SHIPPING - UNTIL  May 30 2014(•.¸♥´) <<<<<

Wardrobe consultations free: no extra charge.

Moroccan Style: Neon Green and Sterling Silver
I know how important this is for YOU the customer. YOU want quality, affordability, nickle free, hypo-allergenic, service and selection!  YOU have all here.  I know I can speak for myself and others here in Southern Ontario and the Eastern seaboard.  We can't wait for SPRING!

Here are a few selections you might enjoy

Elegance becomes YOU: 'Downton Abbey' Style
Orange Neon  Spiral Earrings
Bohemian Tassel Earrings

Hello Kitty Charm
Betty Boop

We are busy stocking the shelves for you!,

What are you going to put in your JAR????
[Courtesy Ikea] .......InspiredDesigns4You goes in here!

Come along and enjoy your..(•.¸♥´)'FREE SHIPPING'(•.¸♥´)
as a 'thank you' ^..^!

 Mothers day is only 49 DAYS AWAY -is on Sunday, 11 May 2014

 (•.¸♥´)Coupon Code:  MOTHER2014UK

 Cordially, &Vanessa(•.¸♥´)

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