Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Item: Clip-on Earrings - Southwest Style

Hi everyone!

Vanessa here from InspiredDesigns4YOU.

A family member asked me to make her clip-on earrings as she didn't have pierced ears!

That is a problem, not many designs on the market for clip-on or non-pierced ears. The market didn't address this very well. So I decided to change that.

She is a classic lady, with discerning taste and style: her wish list was southwest, with Mexican or native influences, carefree and fun, hypo-allergenic and nickel free.

Fun and playful -- perhaps dreaming of a walk along a sandy beach, with foaming spray tickling her cheek like laughing children.  All kinds of images came into I looked around nature and my environment.
Classic Female Statue - Guild Inn
So I started to work away and the design,

Clip-on Southwest Style
I was pleased with the results.. the coolness of the silver and turquoise complemented each other nicely.

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