Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spring Time 101! New Beginnings, New Adventures and Taking Care of Ourselves

Creative Artisan -Vanessa enjoying Springtime!
Spring Time 101! New Beginnings!

We have dusted off 'Old Man Winter'
and now the lightness of spring has arrived!  It brings new opportunities, adventures and to also consider taking
care of ourselves.   I think to be honest
if you are anything like me (and I admit it)..I put myself in the middle or on the lower part of the 'to do list'.

We live in a world of multi-tasking, comprising of 'short-lists' 'longer lists' and 'agenda'.  Desktops, laptops, tablets, phones and even cell-phones.  I do my level best at recognizing the need for "me time"...a little voice of intuition, that reminds me
to 'balance'. We can't nurture others, if we don't take care of ourselves in some form or another.  I can remember a Sister at a Religious Order I was visiting on retreat years go remarked .. "Vanessa in order to be a good servant to others, we need to take care of ourselves too".   Nothing could be further from the truth.

Time for Me:  Now what will that be...see below...
Wellness can come in many forms:  personalized spa treatments, retreats...weekends away, natural foods and organic markets are blooming!  One of my hobbies is grow small plants from my urban dwelling place...a microcosm of my bigger garden I had when I was growing up in the country years ago.  The smell of the new earth, the wonder and anticipation of planting the seed, nurturing it during the summer, into the final harvest. As a busy jewelry designer, pet parent and lay minister, it's all about balance.  You may recall reading my other blog about wellness and escaping to Niagara on the Lake. (click and link) Well being come from inside reflecting.

Now create making jewellery, writing, photography and keeping my young cat active!
From time to time, I get into the special place creative people call the 'muse'. Our intuition can call us in that place.....and remind us to take care, honour self. That is not a selfish act...but one that our Mothers would often remind... us from that place we call inner wisdom! A grounding place we find in mediation, retreats and wellness courses.

Whether we take courses related to our business, or for personal growth and development or to add a new hobby or interest.  It is all good for the body and the mind, working on the left and right hemispheres of the brain!  There is so much benefit in the 'group dynamics' and coming away being totally recharged...much like the 'seed that is water, feed and nourished' as I mentioned earlier.

I have decided (and you might to) to learn something new for 2016. So far I have dabbled in cooking with my new knifes, learning about plating and food presentation.

Being creative in the kitchen can certainly 'whet' the appetite, with sound you can complete
the tasks at hand!
From Vanessa's Kitchen

Adding colour and texture is so much

fun...much creating in my studio (click here) JewelleryInspired4U and making something special.

Amethyst/Pearl with Spiral Ear wires 

There is so much you can expand on, I also plan to take some courses in therapeutic touch with a renown teacher and healer at: (click to website) kaizenleadershipinstitute in the fall.   It doesn't matter what your age is....embrace the new adventures and take care of ourselves.......taking that first step in interest is the best investment in your health.

Until next take care......take a break, take a course...and enjoy life to the fullest.
Cali:  Keeps me on track and my paws to the ground

Our pet children have a wonderful way of enabling us to 'keep on track with paws to the ground'.   How we need to reflect on this ......

So dear reader.and women, this post is written for you.......

Share and pass this along.......

Find your soul in nature

The journey step after another.........

What will you do?  Go on pamper yourself...........take a course.....let us know.........wellness begins at home!

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